Who We Are

Market Advantage International is a technology and management consulting firm with a passion for both emerging technologies and emerging markets. Our consulting practice bridges technical analysis and implementation to provide business process improvement, market research and analysis, long term strategic planning, and go-to-market strategies. Whether our clients are disrupting the industry with game-changing technologies or implementing a new digital culture for the first time, Market Advantage is ready to work with clients to identify emerging opportunities and create new business by harnessing the power of digital transformation.

Our main service offerings include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Technology Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing Research and Analysis
  • Go-To-Market Strategies

Clients across the globe rely on Market Advantage’s insights and strategic vision to generate value in a rapidly changing global economy. Our strategies for digital transformation are comprehensive, customized, data-driven, and outline a clear and decisive path forward for our clients. Market Advantage’s technical excellence and thorough marketplace knowledge allow our clients to move forward through their most challenging decision-making processes. Armed with full situational awareness of the technology-space and target marketplace, our clients outperform their competition time and time again.

Across industries, technology is forever altering the nature of business in competitive global markets. Digital change is blurring the borders between previously separate sectors. Faced with fluid boundaries, companies now find themselves competing simultaneously in multiple sectors that rapidly emerge, merge, and disappear. Market Advantage helps clients to navigate this complex and rapidly shifting ecosystem, uses emerging technologies to empower clients to thrive in the modern global economy, and enables clients to embrace meaningful digital change.


Companies often speak about fostering a culture of digital excellence without taking concrete steps to ensure that new technologies become part-and-parcel of their business operations. For Market Advantage and our clients, digital transformation goes far beyond the implementation of promising new technologies to include an entire analytical, operational, managerial, and cultural shift to new and more efficient methods enabled by technology. We work in-step with our clients to ensure digital transformation is more than just an empty corporate buzzword.

CIOs and other technology-focused executives understand running a company in an age of rapid digital transformation requires both short-term adaptation and long-term strategic vision. We work with our clients to balance the need for immediate decisive action and the need to build long-term value. Our clients turn to Market Advantage to help them remain competitive in industries where technology means the difference between success and failure.

Market Advantage International

is ready to propel your company forward to hit short-term and long-term targets and generate lasting value and growth.